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Saturday morning exercise

Went to BMF training this morning at Sale Water park. Luke, the new guy took us, and he was brilliant. I’ve been doing BMF for 18 months now and have had many instructors take the sessions and he has to be one of the best ones. He reminds me of an instructor who took me when I first started, Jamie. He’s cheeky, confident and commanding, and gets the respect of all the members with little effort. He’s a natural leader and knows how to make us work hard! Excellent session, very pleased.


my day off

I met with Philip, the owner of my local chinese restaurant, Cheadle Imperial this morning to go through what has been done with the websitse far. He opened up Internet Explorer and displayed the website, which to my dismay had parts splayed about the page. I had forgotten to check browser compatibility! How embarrasing.. It’s sorted out now after spending a couple of hours changing it about, improving the images and background. Still a long way to go!

I decided to take a day off BMF today as I have been 5 days in a row already. My body is in agony and could really benefit from a rest than more exercise. Must remember to stretch.