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my day off

I met with Philip, the owner of my local chinese restaurant, Cheadle Imperial this morning to go through what has been done with the websitse far. He opened up Internet Explorer and displayed the website, which to my dismay had parts splayed about the page. I had forgotten to check browser compatibility! How embarrasing.. It’s sorted out now after spending a couple of hours changing it about, improving the images and background. Still a long way to go!

I decided to take a day off BMF today as I have been 5 days in a row already. My body is in agony and could really benefit from a rest than more exercise. Must remember to stretch.


rejected, nevermind

Today, I emailed the NHS regarding the e-media officer job I applied for 2 weeks ago. They told me I was unsuccessful. GMP also told me yesterday that I was unsuccessful in my application for their Web Editor job. So I’m feeling rather rejected at the moment. What is frustrating is that I know I’m highly capable, if only they’d give me the chance. But I either do not have enough experience, or I’m just not what they’re looking for, or maybe I’m just another applicant out of the 1000s that have applied for the same post and I just didn’t stand out.

I studied BSc Computing at Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated May 2009 with a first. Everyone said “That’s amazing, now you can do ANYTHING you want, you can get ANY job, you won’t have ANY worries!” Whatever!! Nobody seems to want me.

Anyway, after talking to a Facebook buddy about life after Uni and job hunting, I decided to start a blog, mainly to ramble about randomness, but also as a place where people can find out more about me, about what I do, and so on.

I contacted Philip, the owner of Imperial Restaurant today (lovely local Chinese restaurant and takeaway), to see if I could make a website for his business, for free. I thought it would be a good way for me to build up my almost non existing portfolio of random sites I’ve made, and to have something to focus and work on. He said that would be nice, so I’ll be in touch with him and hopefully make a start on it real soon.