Optimistic and hopeful

I’ve not been on here for a while, it’s difficult to get into something when it’s not part of your routine, but I must try and make regular posts from now on.

Having decided to pursue a career in SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation (since a few weeks ago), mainly because it’s an area that I really enjoy and have a genuine interest in, I applied to a couple of jobs. Although SEO is not something that is taught at Uni, I have been self-teaching myself over the years and have been applying the basics of SEO from the start on the websites I make, i.e. adding meta tags, making sure images have alt tags, checking that the code is web standard, and so on.  One interview was with i-com.net and the other with Just Search, both SEO/internet marketing companies. I won’t get into my interview with i-com.net basically because they were very negative towards me, picking faults and obviously didn’t like me from the start for whatever reason.

The second company, Just Search is based in Poynton / Adlington area, which is down the road from me really. I had an interview with them last Friday, which also happened to be the 13th… Anyway, I thought just to be on the safe side, I should set off early. My interview was for 10am, I set off in my car at 8.40am and arrived at the offices for 9am sharp! I didn’t want to seem too keen so I decided to stay in my car for a bit, but I was so cold that by 9.10am I was making my way into the building! I was greeted by the receptionist who gave me a glass of water and I watched MTV and read some media clippings of the company that was in a folder. A little while later the head of HR introduced herself and took me into the interview room and we were later joined by the SEO manager. The interview lasted maybe an hour? I can’t remember exactly. They asked me various questions from general ones about interpersonal skills to technical questions on SEO and coding. I felt it went rather well and was quietly confident. I got a good feel of the company and what my role would involve and how I would fit in. I was excited, I wanted to work here, it was an exciting environment to work in, with forward thinking people with positive attitudes and  being able to constantly research and learn while working is a great bonus. An hour later, James my job recruitment guy phoned and said that they liked me and was impressed that I had turned up an hour early and in my own vehicle! Wow! I thought, “this is looking good, I can’t wait”. But of course, Friday the 13th being Friday 13th, there had to be bad news. Another hour or so later James phoned me back and told me that it’s bad news. The interviewers had spoken with the MD who decided (suddenly?) that they will not be taking on any new staff until a review in the new year!! Suffice to say I was extremely upset. Not because I am desperate for a job (I am currently working as admin, ok, it’s a little boring), not because I can’t handle rejection (I wasn’t rejected, really), but because I am so eager to start making myself useful, applying my skills and knowledge while learning new things at the same time, I want to be excited! The most enjoyable times have been at Uni where I was constantly learning new things, revising, being tested and examined, and being under pressure. So yeah, gutted.

I was told it was nothing personal it was the MD’s decision on finances, that I was exceptional and that they were “hugely impressed” with me in the interview, and would be happy to see me again in the New Year.. Such a long time to wait. 😦  … fingers crossed that they remember me and still want me.. I have stopped job searching for now. I am holding out for news from Just Search, because I want to work there. One, because of its location, being so near me, it is convenient to get to work. Two, it’s away from Manchester city centre  and near countryside(ish) which is a change and a change is what I need after all these years of working and studying in the city! Three, because they seem to have great work ethics and keen on the employee’s on-going learning and progression for both the company and their personal growth, and seem to encourage it. And I like that. A lot. And that’s why I want to work there, and hopefully grow with them, I think they are wonderful! Just type in “SEO” in the search engines and you will see that they are at the top, right after Wikipedia!


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